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Oil Painting Portfolio

Heather Heitzenrater’s oil painting portfolio includes both available and sold works. A few of these pieces may be recognized as they’ve been featured in national publications such as Art Week, Beautiful Bizarre, and Minus 37. Browse Heather’s work below. For pricing inquiries, please visit the contact page.

The Inspiration Behind the Work

Three core influences weave a common thread through all of Heather’s work. Perhaps the most notable is her passion for science fiction and fantasy. The ability to transport to another world provides solace but also a thirst for adventure.

Her work as a scenic painter has also influenced how she immerses the viewer in her paintings. Providing a portal into another world is in the DNA of her portfolio.

Third, there is her fascination with the peculiarity of reflection. The echoing back of colors and subject matter can distort themselves, providing a window into a universe that runs parallel to ours.

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