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A long needed update

Alright so for starters sorry I haven't posted in a bit. I'm getting married in a few short weeks and along with that I got jury summons and I need to get my car fixed before inspections which is due two days before wedding AHHHHH!!! It's ok I know it will all get sorted out. But, even with planning a wedding and doing civil duty I have been working hard and have some exciting news.

So announcement #1.

I have been in the Pittsburgh Society of artists for about a year now and at the end of June I was in a group show with them. While at the closing reception I was approached about any interest in being their exhibition chair. After thinking about it for a few days I took up the position. So after the wedding is over I will start training for the job. I will be finding venues for the society to show at along with finding jurors for the shows. I am excited for this new position and hope to gain knowledge and network with galleries and the neighborhood art community.

Announcement #2.

I will have a solo show at the Spirit Lodge in Lawrenceville for the month of November. The opening will be the first Friday of the month. There will also be a live band which is TBA and it's free! There will also be a band playing afterwards which I think their name is Survive? That is not free but I will have ten tickets to the event so if you really want to stay, I can hook you up with some tickets.

Announcement #3.

Right after Spirit I will have a solo show in the upstairs of Boxheart gallery in Bloomfield! Ah so busy! This event will start i think January 17th until halfway through February. I really need to get my dates straight. I just go day by day I'll get you the right dates in my next news letter. . . . so make sure you subscribe to those on my contact page. Anyway... The show will be the first one of the year and it will be along side their artist of the year Alice Raymond. She is a mixed media artist with an awesome concept. Google her. her exhibit will be on the first floor and mine will be on the second. Along with that show I have gallery representation there! My profile will be up on their website soon and you'll be able to rent and buy my work there! Boxheart rents a lot of work out to the Pittsburgh film industry. They have had work in A Fault in our Stars, The Perks of Being a Wall Flower and the tv show Bloodlines to name a few. So I am super pumped about that.

Alright so that is it for announcements Chris and I are still working in Radiant Hall and much as we can. I am still teaching at Painting with a Twist but Chris is now a staff manager at Blick art materials in Shadyside!!!!! Woo discounted art materials! I love it. So for now that is what is going on in my life. I will try to do at least one more of theses posts before the wedding. figures crossed that I don't have to go in for jury duty. Until then stay inspired my friends.

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